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Spare Parts


How do I find the right spare part?


You can choose between two possible methods for finding the spare part you want:

  1. Select "Products" or "Spare Parts" in the menu and enter the article number or spare part number into the search box.
  2. In the menu "Products" or "Spare Parts" menu, navigate through the appropriate product categories until you reach the right product.
    The Spare Parts tab will then show the entire spare parts list for your product.


Ordering Spare Parts


Dear wolfcraft Customer,

We want to help you make sure your wolfcraft tools remain in a safe condition and are working properly.
To enable us to better process your spare part order, please include the following 5 points in your e-mail:

  1. Surname, name and title (Mr/Ms/Dr)
  2. Delivery Address (with Postcode)
  3. Spare Part Number
  4. Product name and wolfcraft article number
  5. Please also mention the year in which you bought the product.

You are also welcome to add your phone number, in particular if clarification is required.


Important: If you are not able to identify the spare part and the product name, please send two photos instead:

  • Photo of the Entire Article
  • A close-up photo of the defective or worn spare part (or a close-up of the location where the missing part should be).


If you have questions or want to order a spare part, please contact the responsible customer service:



E-mail: customerservice@wolfcraft.com
Telephone: +49 2655 51-280
Fax: +49 2655 51-180


Austria / Switzerland

E-mail: Kundendienst@woaut.wolfcraft.com
Telephone: +43 1 748 08 08-0
Fax: +43 1 748 08 08-11



E-mail: customerservicefrance@wolfcraft.com
Telephone: +33 148 12-2930
Fax: +33 148 12-1540


Belgium & Luxembourg

E-mail: customerservicebelux@wolfcraft.com



E-mail: atencioncliente@wolfcraft.com
Telephone: +34 91 681 49 65
Fax: +34 91 696 23 50



E-mail: servizioclienti@wolfcraft.com
Telephone: +39 031 750900
Fax: + 39 031 750881



E-mail: customer_service_poland@wolfcraft.com
Telephone: +48 604 712 090
Fax: + 48 42 2032347



E-mail: bricolage@cobralsl.com
Telephone: +351 210 497 140


USA / Canada

E-mail: micsales@richelieu.com
Web: www.richelieu.com/intl/en/

Important: For North America, special product lines were developed and manufactured by wolfcraft for Mibro Canada (now part of Richelieu Canada). Therefore, spare parts for these product lines are not available from our European branches.
For enquiries from North America (Canada, USA), please contact Mibro Richelieu Customer Service in Canada at: micsales@richelieu.com or see the Richelieu website at: https://www.richelieu.com/intl/en/.


UK and Other Countries

E-mail: customerservice@wolfcraft.com
Telephone: +49 2655 51-280
Fax: +49 2655 51-180


Thank you,
Your wolfcraft Customer Service